Яндекс метрика

Hot spring "SovetSKY"

Place to rest
Wind speed: 2 meters per second
Сегодня, 19 апреля, Вс
Water temperature
 + 48°С
Children's swimming area
Bracelet: e-key and wallet
You can pay by card

Hot spring «SOVETSKY»

Summertime always


Standart mini
rooms №212, 213
One double bed, TV set, Shower bath, Large and small towels, Remedies of personal hygienic
3200 / 3700 rub
rooms № 109, 210
One double bed, TV set, Shower bath, Refrigerator, Slippers, Large and small towels, Remedies of personal hygienic
3500 / 4000 rub
rooms №202-209
One double bed, Chair-bed, Hallway , Wardrobe, Coffee table, Conditioner , Shower bath, TV set, Teapot, Large and small towels, Remedies of personal hygienic
3900 / 4500 rub

About hot spring

We have proved that bathing is not only possible in summer! After all, the temperature of thermal-mineral water beating from the depths of the earth reaches +47.8o C. This is a unique phenomenon that can be seen at the "Sovetkva" spring. In addition to hot mineral water, our pride is a huge 600 sq m Jacuzzi pool.

The swimming pool is equipped: 12 hydro guns, more than 50 hydro jets, a waterfall, a fungus for children, a geyser, a watering can with 12 jets and a separate children's area. Near the pool there is a lake with the same mineral water, only cooled to +42, +37o C, which is an excellent alternative to hot water in summer.

At 3 metres from the pool, there is a new 1200 m2 building with changing rooms, restrooms and showers with fresh water. The women's and men's changing rooms have Finnish saunas, benches, hair dryers and soft rest areas. There is a high comfort zone, and the cafe offers fresh baked goods and drinks. There is also a snack bar, a canteen, a shop and a playground.

For the convenience of guests, we have introduced a bracelet access system. Each customer receives an individual bracelet with a top-up function for settlement in the cafe, and the key to the individual locker in the locker room. A pleasant bonus is the location of the source: away from the city and the busy trails, with clean air and forest landscapes around. Come to us for a good mood and relaxation.

Chemical composition of water

The composition of our mineral water is ideally close to that of human intracellular fluid, allowing it to be used both for adults and children. It refers to deep sodium chloride mineralised sulphate-free water.

Chemical element Concentration of mg/dm3 solution
Fluoride ion - Produces salts of heavy metals
and radionuclides
- Actively involved
in skeleton and tooth enamel formation
- Promotes normal nail growth
and hair
- Strengthens the immune system
- Simulates blood circulation
- Prevention of caries

Chloride ion - Supports the body's water and salt balance
- Stimulates appetite
- Protects the body from dehydration
- Facilitates the removal of carbon dioxide, toxins and slags from tissues and cells.

Bromoid-ion - Supports the nervous system, helps with sleep disorders
- Effectively treats diseases related to seizures
- Helps with cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases (stomach and 12 colon ulcers)

Iodide ion - Normalizes the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems of the body
- Controls body heat regulation processes
- Participates in metabolic processes
- Required for the formation of phagocytes, cells responsible for the destruction of pathogens
- Required for normal fat burning rate, maintaining optimal human weight

Iron It is necessary to ensure that oxygen is delivered to human tissues, organs and systems 8,14
Hydrocarbonate - Protects against high stomach acidity, constipation and colds
- Helps get rid of excess pounds and intoxicate the body

Chemical element Concentration of mg/dm3 solution
Lithium In the body, this element manifests its psychotropic properties and helps in the treatment of eczema, gout, depression and aggression 0,15
Ammonium It is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, including for cough syrups 13,0
Potassium Regulates many processes in the body: renal excretion function, supports blood pressure, regulates acid-alkaline balance, participates in protein synthesis, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. 30,0
Sodium The full growth and development of the organism depends on sodium. Sodium plays a key role in maintaining a normal water and salt balance in cells and regulating the volume of fluid in the body. 3023,0
Magnesium - Supports normal intestinal function
- Prevents kidney stones and gallbladder formation
- Reduces the risk of developing diabetes
- Strengthens bones
- Increases the stress resistance of the body

Calcium Calcium, like sodium, magnesium, is one of the main elements in the entire body and affects many processes. But the main function is the proper formation and development of the bone framework and the prevention of bone fragility. 208,0

Цены источника «Советский» на 2021 год

Цены на вход
Цены на услуги
Entry / entrance to the territory Weekdays Weekends / Holidays
Услуга ,
время прибывания
Время прибывания Стоимость
Прокат постельного белья (24 часа) 24 часа 250 р.
Батут (20 минут) 20 минут 100 р.
Посещение детского клуба (1 час) 1 час 100 р.