Яндекс метрика

Group races

  1. The date and time of stay at the source must be agreed in advance with the administration of the hot spring «СОВЕТSKY» by phone. 8 (3452) 500-353.

  2. In order to book a group check-in at the «СОВЕТSKY» hot spring, it is necessary to fill out an application form and send it by e-mail. istochnik.35@mail.ru marked "Group check-in - name of travel company or manager"

    Download the application form
  3. In case of a group check-in of 15 or more people, the following price is provided:

    - adults - 270 rubles (weekdays), 320 rubles (weekends)
    - pensioners -160 rubles (weekdays), 190 rubles (weekends)
    - children from 7 to 14 years -210 rubles (weekdays), 250 rubles (weekends)
    - children under 7 years - free of charge
    - team leader and 1 driver - free of charge

  4. Discounts are given only to pre-applied groups.

  5. For groups with confirmation requests, conditions will be created for as comfortable entry and exit as possible, in particular the pre-preparation of the bracelets on request.

  6. In the case of a group arrival without prior approval, the group leader or organiser, the driver is treated as a member of the same group and is included in the total number. It is also possible in this case that the arrival at the source area may be delayed for an indefinite period of time, payment per person according to the price.

  7. The time of stay of a group of holidaymakers (without payment for accommodation per day for each person) is equal:

    Summer period:
    а) Weekdays, weekends and public holidays - no time limit.

    Зимний период:
    а) Weekdays, weekends - no time limit;
    b) Holidays - no more than 5 hours. For each subsequent hour of stay on the territory is 100 roubles per hour for each vacationer.


  • children under 7 years - free of charge
  • children from 7 to 14 years — child tariff
  • This tariff only covers the entrance (visit to the recreation area) for 24 hours from the time on the receipt
  • Additional services shall be paid for separately
  • There is no hourly fee for staying at the Hot Spring
  • Keep the receipt for the duration of your stay on the territory of the recreation centre
  • No entry fee is charged, provided that all passengers have paid the entrance fee
  • When leaving the territory of the recreation centre, the check is cancelled
  • Penalties are provided for: for bracelet damage - 500 rubles; for loss of bracelet - 700 rubles